Eastbay Acne & Skin Care Clinic

Clear, healthy skin since 1989

'Acne' is our middle name, but we also specialize in Anti-aging and Rosacea. Everyone's skin is different, so we offer a variety of treatments and products in each category to address your skin's particular needs.

We start everyone with a consultation so we understand the underlying causes of their skin condition, including the skin care products they're using, diet, lifestyle and stress. After a week or two on the recommended products, the clinical treatments begin.



All new clients start out with a thorough consultation so that we can take a look look at your skin and determine the underlying causes of your skin condition. We consider a number of factors such as diet, lifestyle and stress, in addition to your skin care history. Then, we'll recommend a home care program and clinical treatment program to address your skin's needs. EBAC's consultation provides a lot of information about the right products to use, what to avoid, proper skin care techniques, foods and ingredients that are good and bad for your skin.

Depending on your skin and the treatment recommended, you'll probably need to prep your skin for
1 to 2 weeks before your first treatment.

Clear healthy skin doesn't comes in a pill - we literally have hundreds of clients who've been to a dermatologist to prove that point. EBAC's consultation will get you and your skin started in the right direction.

Clinical treatments add an extremely powerful boost to any home care program, especially acne. Everyone's skin is different, so we have a wide variety of treatments and peels to address acne, rosacea and anti-aging; and we will often adjust your treatment to address your skin's condition at the time of your appointment.
Here are a few of the treatments we offer to help you achieve clear, healthy and youthful skin:

Transition Peel

Salicylic, resorcinol and lactic acids blended and buffered for an effective, rejuvenating peel. Great for oily, hyperpigmented and problematic acne.

Acai Berry
Lactic/Glucan Peel 

Oxygen Facial

Purity Peel

Ageless Peel

Improves skin tone with a blend of two acids and powerful anti-oxidants. Good for all skin types, and un-prepped skin.

A gentle massaging deep cleanse and extractions, followed by oxygen plasma, and MSM for a healing anti-inflammatory and growth-stimulating facial. It concludes with a cool spray-down of pure oxygen, and vitamin/ mineral spray.

Chirally corrected retinol, salicylic, mandelic and lactic acids combine to reduce inflammation and create a bacteria-free environment so blemishes can heal. Excellent for inflamed acne, oily skin and scarring.

TCA and Vitamin A are combined into one peel that's excellent for hyperpigmentation, scarring and anti-aging. Good for all skin types.

Treatments include cleansing and an LED light treatment that promotes collagen growth and healing. Treatments also include extractions when appropriate.

We offer treatment packages that offer a significant savings over individually priced treatments. When you purchase a package of four treatments, you save 25%  — or think of it as 'buy 3, get one free.'  Buy two treatments, and save 15%.

We also offer a birthday discount on individual treatments.