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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to see results?

This depends on several factors, like how severe your skin condition is to begin with, and how diligent you are in following the home care program. Clinical treatments are a critical part of the overall program, and it's important to adhere to the recommended treatment intervals.

Everyone's skin is different, but if you follow the program and do the clinical treatments, you can expect to see results in 3 to 4 months. Many clients see improvement within the first month if they're doing the home care and receiving clinical treatments.

Whether it's acne, rosacea or anti-aging — keep in mind that it took time for your skin condition to develop, and it will take time to reverse it. Unfortunately, there are no "instant cures" in skin care.

Do you do take insurance?

While we don't accept insurance, we do provide a cover letter to our local clients to submit claims to their insurance company. We provide the appropriate diagnostic codes that insurance companies are looking for, and in most cases the treatments (and sometimes the products) are covered. Ultimately, it depends on the insurance company and your policy.

Do you prescribe medications?

We're estheticians rather than dermatologists, so we don't prescribe medications.
Dermatologists typically have a "take this pill, and call me in the morning" approach, but we don't think clear, healthy skin comes in a pill. Since 1989, over 95% of our clients have achieved clear, healthy skin simply by using the right products and treatments for their skin type and condition, and diligently following an their home care regimen.

We have successfully treated many clients whose dermatologists couldn't get them clear. If you do decide to see a dermatologist, we strongly suggest you research the side effects of their pharmaceutical approach to acne, because they are often quite severe.  We don't think they're worth the risk in the vast majority of cases.